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Engineering Jobs List
Engineering Job Salary Location Job ID
Plant Manager Six Figures Northeastern, Ohio 120419
Electrical Engineer/ Lead Electronics Engineer Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 120502
VP of Engineering 55k/yr Dayton, Ohio 120501
Customer Service Project Manager Six Figures Dayton, Ohio 120428
Director of Operations Six Figures Dayton, Ohio 120412
Automatic Test Equipment Software Engineer Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 120328
Industrial Engineer/Manufacturing Engineer 65k/yr plus OT. Dayton, Ohio 120405
Manufacturing Engineer/Controls Engineer 72k + OT Dayton, Ohio 120404
Sales Application Engineer 55-65k/yr +commission. Minneapolis, MN 100719b
New Product Development Manager Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 111227b
Visual C Firmware Engineer 70k/yr. Indianapolis, Indiana 120126b
Mechanical Engineer 55-70k/yr Louisville, KY 120123b
Outside Sales Engineer Commensurate. Chicago, Illinois 120111b
Electronics Test Technician - Field Service 38-40k/yr (Elgible for Overtime Pay) Greensboro, North Carolina 111014b
New Product Development Manager 55-65k/yr Dayton, Ohio 111227b
Manufacturing Engineer 55-65k/yr Dayton, Ohio 071107b
HVAC Systems Design Engineer Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 110107b
Vice President of Sales and Marketing 110-150k/yr. Northeastern, Ohio 110923b
Field Service Engineer Up to 70k USD per year and company car St. Louis, Missouri 110526b
International Manufacturing Coordinator Commensurate Dayton, Ohio & Northern India 110506b
Production Supervisor 50-57k per year Dayton, Ohio 111205b
Manufacturing Controls Engineer Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 11102b0
Manufacturing Engineer Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 110422b
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Commensurate Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 110812b
RF Electrical Engineer Commensurate Dayton, Ohio 110707b
Instrumentation Repair and Engineering Support 22.00-25.00/hr Dayton, Ohio 110705b
Embedded Systems Power Electronics Engineer Commensurate with Experience. Dayton, Ohio 110630b
Electrical Controls Engineer 70-80k per year with a competitive benefits package Dayton, Ohio 111122b
Junior Machine Designer 42-52k per year along with excellent benefits Indianapolis, Indiana 111118b
Senior Machine Designer 60-70k/yr. Indianapolis, Indiana 111117b
Centrifugal Blower Designer Commensurate with Experience. Dayton, Ohio 111119b
Brazing Engineer Commensurate with Experience. Louisville, Kentucky 111111b
Corporate Staff Engineer Advanced Manufacturing 80-90k/yr. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 111103b
VB.Net Firmware Engineer Up to 70k/yr. Indianapolis, Indiana 110824b
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